Greenwood Cemetery - Decatur, IL - February 2002

Reportings Researched:  Home of the Greenwood Bride, phantom funerals, ghost lights, The Barrackman Staircase, and Confederate ghosts.   You need a few  hours to get through this cemetery!


The Barrackman Staircase.  At sunset, the apparition of a woman is said to appear on these stone steps.  Her head is bowed and she seems to be crying, though no sound is heard.  She disappears as soon as the sun sets.  Located in Section B-9. Keep in mind that Greenwood Cemetery closes at 4:00 p.m. during the winter months, and you won't see a sunset unless you have special permission to be on the grounds after closing.


The Barrackman headstones:  Father, Mother, Son and his Wife.

Greenwood Cemetery also has a Civil War Memorial section.  It not only honors the memory of Union soldiers buried there in the line of duty, but shadows the memory of  many Confederate soldiers buried there who died during their transport to Chicago to the Union prison.  Instead of marked graves like the Union soldiers, they were buried in shallow, unmarked graves.  Some bodies were piled at the base of the hill (see picture below) next to the Sangamon River.  Ironically, some years later, a heavy rain caused a mudslide on the hill, and the North and the South united in death.  All remains were reburied and marked "Unknown U.S. Soldier" (see picture below).

The Greenwood Bride.   A young woman and her bootlegger boyfriend are to elope.  Boyfriend is murdered while delivering his bootleg whiskey and thrown in the Sangamon River, pictured here.  Fishermen find his body the next morning.  The woman, wearing her bridal gown, commits suicide by throwing herself into the river too.  She is buried in Greenwood and has been seen walking on this hill through the tombstones -- at times, wiping tears from her eyes. 

The pictures below are three of my favorite pictures and I had to show them in their actual size:  The Civil War Memorial Monument  and two shots of the Civil War Memorial Obelisk in different "sun positions."