The Hundley House, originally built in 1907, was the scene of a double murder on December 12,1928, at approximately 11:45 p.m.  On that night, former Mayor J.C. Hundley and his wife, Luella, were gunned down in cold blood by an unknown assailant with a .45 caliber revolver.  Mr. Hundley was murdered in his bedroom just before retiring, while he was sitting on his bed.  He received a close range shot through the back of his head (which may lend credence to the theory that the assailant was hiding behind the headboard of Mr. Hundley’s bed).  Then, Mrs. Hundley was murdered.  Her body was found in the kitchen, at the base of the back stairway. She had two shots to the head and one to the heart. The police believed she was shot either fleeing, or running to the aid of Mr. Hundley.  A bullet hole still remains in one of the steps of the back stairway.

The murders remain unsolved. At the time, the prime suspect was Mr. Hundley’s step-son, Victor, from a previous marriage. Victor Hundley just happened to live next door. The police arrested, and later released him, for lack of evidence.  One curious bit of evidence is that the killer turned off all of the lights before he left – how did he know where the lights switches were located?

At the time of our investigation, the Hundley House was the chiropractic offices of Dr. Ian Nicolaides, Dr. Henry Nicolaides, and Dr. Cheryl Nicolaides, and was not open to the general public.  We would like to thank them for the opportunity to investigate Hundley House, and for their gracious hospitality.  Though we found no evidence of paranormal activity that night, the House certainly has the makings for a haunting.

May 27, 2010 UPDATE:  I am happy to say that Hundley House is now a luxury Bed & Breakfast, open 365 days a year!  Jaci McDole of Hundley House was kind enough to contact me recently so that I could update our Web page.  I would like to thank her, since the main objective of our Web site is to keep our readers informed and up to date.

Hundley House has three guest suites:  the Victor Hundley Suite; the J. C. Hundley Suite; and the Luella Hundley Suite.  Of course, the J.C. Hundley Suite is where Mr. Hundley was murdered.  Jaci tells me that the bed is angled in the same way, in the same corner, "as that infamous night."  Make sure you look behind the headboard before you close your eyes to sleep.  Rose Petal Service, Candle Service, and Breakfast in Bed are offered.  Tours are also available when the rooms are not rented.  For more information, see their Web site at  You can be sure the Ghost Haunters will be occupying all three rooms in the near future.  

Reportings researched:  Previous owners have stated hearing voices from the back staircase; lights turning on; doors popping open; the porch swing that moves when the wind is still; and a "presence" in the house.

Jaci provided the following:  Since renovation, a few strange things have occurred, including the sound of footsteps, voices late at night, electronic malfunctions, doors closing, and "the unusual, premature death of only red roses in one particular room."



Actual news coverage of the crime and the crime scene investigation.




Now, our photos of the house, on December 16, 2006.


The picture to the left is the staircase that leads to the room where Mr. Hundley was shot. The picture to the right is the actual room where he was shot - Mr. Hundley's bed was positioned with the headboard against the corner of these two walls.



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