Mrs. Hundley's body was found at the base of this stairway.  Three bullet marks were found - one on the floor, one in a pantry door, and the other on the stairway.




The stairway with the one remaining bullet mark.  It is the second stair from the top.  We find it interesting that the top stair looks red in this picture.  It is actually green, like all the rest, but this is how the photo developed.


The bullet mark that remains to this day.



Side view of Hundley House, with the side door that led into the original kitchen.  Mrs. Hundley's body laid just inside this door.



Lastly, the porch swing, which some have said, swings of its own volition.

Though we recorded no paranormal activity during our investigation, the privilege of spending a night in the Hundley House, where an infamous, unsolved, double murder took place, was enough for these three Ghost Haunters.  We, again, thank the Nicolaides family for the opportunity.