Woodlock Cemetery - Davisville, MO - Friday, May 13, 2005

Located at:  private Cemetery

Reportings Researched:  I originally learned of this Cemetery from a friend of mine (thanks, Will).  He told me that the Cemetery had really spooked him and that he would not go back.  After doing research via the Internet, I could only find two sites even remotely addressing it as haunted.  Both had the same information:  "visitors . . .  report strange activity here including the sightings of apparitions of humans and a horse."  The tombstones in this Cemetery are all in a circle, except the main tombstone of Patrick and Henrietta Woodlock.  It is in the center of the circle.  It also said that on the right side of the Cemetery there is a grave (Theodosia Woodlock Alexander) marked with a pentagram or pentacle, a five-sided figure utilized in satanic rituals and associated with the devil.  This is actually The Eastern Star, a common symbol for the Order of the Eastern Star, the largest fraternal organization in the world to which both men and women may belong.  See how rumors get started!  Nothing in our research ever stated it was a PRIVATE CEMETERY! NO TRESPASSING!  If you would like to visit the Cemetery, you must stop at the Davisville General Store.  They will contact the Davisville Historical Society and a representative will accompany you to Woodlock.  Our thanks to Ruth Hewkin, our gracious guide for the day.  Our thanks also to the good folks at the Davisville General Store.


This is the road up to the hillside cemetery.  Due to the natural, underground spring, it was too soft to drive on.

The entrance.  Don't be fooled, this isn't as easy as it looks.  This is a long, steep stairway, with steps spaced out for a large man's gait. There are at least 30 steps.  Don't forget anything on the way up!

This is the reigning tombstone of Woodlock.  Patrick and Henrietta.   This is surrounded by 12 concrete holes, which are then surrounded by four concrete posts.  Remnants of a boundary to signify the importance of the grave, which is in keeping with the size of the tombstone itself.

Part of the stone wall surrounding the cemetery.  It seems endless, and, I'm sure, almost regal in its earlier days!

This is Theodosia Woodlock's grave.  The grave that is reputed to be marked with a pentacle or pentagram.  This is actually a symbol of the Fraternal Order of the Eastern Star as noted in the opening text.

Click on the ghost to see other various graves of Woodlock.